Leslie halls Gem Sweater


25 Responses to Gem Sweater

  1. SweatyWalrus says:

    I think I saw her in the milk aisle at the grocery store.

  2. manorrd says:

    I don't like this...

  3. buckwheat328 says:

    305 people don't have the strength to destroy villages, homes, or crops

  4. nixkuroi says:

    Only at 1:15 am does it make sense that I'm watching this.

  5. Stealthmodego says:

    drink every time she says the word gem..... oh god

  6. takeanumber says:

    This totally bedazzles the mind.

  7. bluebelt16 says:

    omg i love this chick, i love the fact that shes not a starving runway ho and is making it so big, she has become one of my role models and btw, just a random fact, the chick in the back on the right, if she were a little thinner in the face, looks exactly like me, its scary close

  8. xLanii says:

    lool i wouldn't mind havin' meself a gem sweater.

  9. realmorland says:


  10. SweatyWalrus says:

    With these shoulder pads I have the strenth to destroy villages, homes, and crops. Classic.

  11. chay902 says:

    @PandoraDen OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. chay902 says:

    @PandoraDen OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. tawras says:

    I just puked.

  14. MsKnzy says:

    @PandoraDen I was thinking the SAME thing.

  15. AbiROAR says:

    I clicked on this because I thought she was Rosie O'Donnell

  16. christinalovesurface says:

    Leslie is freaking awesome!!!!!! ~ Hilarious and original!!!! I wanna hang out with her!!

  17. totallyradbitches says:

    makes us iowans proad 😀

  18. SamanthaLawliet says:

    Wow she looks so much better in body rolls video. She lost weight and her glasses are better

  19. PoisonCrackers says:

    omg i remember when i first heard this! xD

  20. butterbread1000 says:

    the beat from 00:32 makes my pants grow! 😉 that "electro-wave".....AMAZING



  22. adamflury says:

    My mouth is still hanging open!
    That was AWESOME!
    I want my GEM SWEATER!

  23. EsaSaid says:


  24. dsmatos0130 says:

    I want to do her.
    Hot steamy sex.
    I'd be like a little skinny Ron Jeremy.

  25. courtshort219 says:

    haha i love this video its so funny! its amazing 😀

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