The Sweaters perform "Troublemaker" live at Hastings. June 3, 2008 - Red Album release celebration show! Part 2 of 15


25 Responses to The Sweaters – Troublemaker

  1. cmac3308 says:

    me likey

  2. MrBolshi says:

    Wow you guys are pretty good fun to watch

  3. 02NickNick says:

    I love it!

  4. sedrader says:

    lol I'm from friendwood couple miles away from houston

  5. basketcase5295 says:

    best cover

  6. Trevorcjx says:

    truly amazing. Rock on guys! If only my band was this good haha

  7. 1317west says:

    hahaha, i think so

  8. GuardianOfHate says:

    lol this is fucking great. well i like the original a bit more... but hey, this is great.

  9. evilducktv says:

    well she already sings the high part on the greatest man who ever lived....give it a try if it sounds like shit sure you guys have fucked up songs before

  10. fenderperry says:

    Is Seth Rogen the other guitarist??

  11. AssembleTheEmpire says:

    I knoooow. We've been wanting to do that one for a long time now. Those vocals are tough though! Rachel Haden sings so HIGH.

  12. evilducktv says:

    you guys have a girl you have to do "I just threw out the love of my dreams"

  13. ikebenson says:

    what in the hell is going on with the tempo in this song... DRUMMER!!!

  14. guitarpunk201 says:

    ...his mustache fell off...

  15. HokgwaiXbirdmaN says:

    are you guys only a weezer cover band? or are you just really inspired by them? anddd The "Sweaters"... like the sweater song? lol awesome job

  16. sonofamonkey200 says:

    tambourine ftw lol awesome

  17. AssembleTheEmpire says:

    Hahaha. All right!

  18. GuitarStarFilms says:

    Your fake muss-tash makes you automatically as cool as that guy who sang chocolate rain...maybe even like...brian boitano.
    You're for shur cooler than Jim Gaffigan, and that's saying a lot.

  19. stephenouve says:

    great guys

  20. AssembleTheEmpire says:

    I always forget what Nathan tells me it is. It's not an SG.

    Some random guitar found at a pawn shop.

  21. werewolfbrotha says:

    i was just about to ask that.
    it looks like an SG but idk

  22. diabatman says:

    mustaches are pretty awesome i actually laughed out loud to myself

  23. CandRprod says:

    What kind of guitar is the lead singer playing???????

  24. filmgeek12 says:

    cuz a scranton party don't stop! haha! i love the office! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. ptalkowski says:

    you guys are great

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